"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

General Aims and Objectives
• We aim to guide your child in becoming an effective learner through creating an environment that is challenging and stimulating.  Our programs are designed to help your child in developing all areas necessary for success now and in later years.  Children learn through play, and our daily program includes creative experiences both indoor and outdoor.

• Our wealth of staff experience will ensure a well balanced program meets the individual needs of each child in our centre but also reflects the full appreciation of Australia’s multicultural society.  It will enhance the children’s awareness of and respect for cultural differences and similarities, encouraging pride in their cultural heritage.

• Our staff will be available to greet and chat with parents at the beginning and end of the day.  These friendly, comfortable contacts are important in creating a link between home and the Centre.

• We aim to involve parents and the community to support our work at the Centre in various ways.  Parents are invited to participate in the many aspects of the program, thus gaining an insight into their child’s play and learning.

• The Centre is required to maintain detailed records about the children and we update these records over the course of the year.

Our Programs

Our Centre plans and implements suitable educational programs under the National Quality Framework and the Early Years Learning Framework curriculum to encourage each child’s development.  The program provides a balance between indoor and outdoor play as well as times for relaxation.  Activities include music, drama, indoor and outdoor games, story telling, reading, dance and movement, water play and a wide range of creative arts.  We provide times for exploratory play, free play and social interaction.   


Each child will receive a journal of their development during the course of their time with us.  This journal will include photos, children’s artwork, developmental checklists and observations.  Please feel free to talk to staff in your child’s room for any additional information on our programming.   

Our Programming