Jackie (Centre Director)

Teresa (Assistant Director, HR Officer & WHS Rep)

Lisa (Administration)

Noel (Maintenance)

Cheynie (3IC, Qualified Educator, Educational Leader)

Lynsey (Qualified Educator, Educational Leader, Enrolled Bach of Early Ed.)

Bessie (Qualified Educator)

Louise (Qualified Educator)

Lily (Qualified Educator)

Rachel (Qualified Educator)

Gina (Assistant Educator Enrolled Diploma) Maternity Leave

Chloe (Assistant Educator)

Bri (Assistant Educator Enrolled Diploma)

Ashlee (Qualified Educator)

Amelia (Assistant Educator)

Liz (Assistant Educator)

Loren (Assistant Educator Enrolled Diploma)

Mikayla (Assistant Educator)

Anabelle (Assistant Educator)

Meet our staff!!

We have a wonderful group of people who assist in making our centre a well respected, fun, educational environment for your children to grow, interact and learn.

Cambridge Road​

Play & Learn Centre

Service Provider Number : 407 181 912K

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