Information for Parents

Opening Hours

7am - 6pm Monday to Friday

Hours of Operation
The Centre is open from 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday.
The Centre is closed on gazetted Public Holidays
On our last working day before Christmas, the Centre will operate from 7 to 12:30pm.  A half day fee will be charged accordingly.
Notification of these holidays will be posted on the front door and room doors of the Centre and included in newsletters.

Our Kitchen

Home cooked meals daily by our Resident Cook. 

We cater for all dietary & allergy requirements for your children.

Enrolment Form

Click here to print out an enrolment form and then email, post or drop it in to us.

Parent Handbook

Click below to go to our Parent handbooks


Babies Handbook (0-2yrs)


Toddlers Handbook (2-3yrs)


SRP Handbook (3-5yrs)

Registering for Child Care Benefit

Please contact the Family Assistance Office on 13 6150 to register your child for Child Care Benefit as a fee reduction prior to your child/children commencing. 

Our Service Provider Number is 407 181 912K

Parent Advisory Group


If you would like information  or you are interested in joining this group, please contact the Centre. 

Sun Safety


Fees are charged for all days booked at the Centre.  If your child is away for any reason you will be charged full fees. 
Fees are payable for SICK DAYS AND PUBLIC HOLIDAYS. 
A Holiday rate of 50% reduction of gap fees applies for up to 2 weeks per financial year.  Notice for holidays is required in writing and can be done by completing a holiday form.  Termination of care requires two weeks notice in writing by completing a Cancellation Of Care form.

What to Pack

1-2 complete changes of clothes (more if toilet training).
Bedding.  In babies and toddlers we ask that you pack your child some bedding for their sleep and/or rest time. 

Comfort items.  If your child normally has special comfort items for rest times etc, such as a teddy, special blanket or dummy, please remember to pack them!!
Drink bottle or sipper cup.  Please send along a water bottle for your child each day.  These will be kept either in reach for our older children or within sight of our younger children so they may have access to or indicate their desire for a drink.
Milk bottles.  Please provide your children’s own milk for their bottles.  This can be breast milk, formula or other forms of milk.  
Weather Protection Clothing.  Please send an approved wide brimmed sun hat; A beanie; A coat or warm jacket.  In Tasmania it is essential to ensure we are prepared for extreme and often quick changes in weather.   By dressing children in a few layers in cooler weather we can ensure children maintain correct body temperatures. 
.  Medications.  Please see our medication policy if your child will require us to administer  during care hours. 

Initial Separation and Settling In
Starting child care, either for the first time or when changing care environments can be a daunting experience for some families.  There are a few simple strategies that we find helps ease the tension on all of those involved. 
.  Talk about “school”, “day care”, “child care” at home with your child in a happy and positive way. 

.  Prepare your child for the routines and experiences involved

.  Visit the care environment with your child, even if this is only a 10-15 minute visit a couple of times before your child starts care.   Your child will feel more comfortable knowing this is a place where you also play and enjoy and you may feel more rest assured your child is safe and happy if you begin to build a positive relationship with staff.  

Attachment is a normal part of your child’s development and most children settle very soon after you have left.  Your carers are aware of this and will assist you and your child to separate as painlessly as possible.   

Feel welcome to call the centre throughout the day.  We are happy to put you through to your child’s Carer/s for a brief catch up about your child’s day.  This will put your mind at rest and allow you to concentrate on your work or enjoy you free time!! 

We want you, your child and your family to feel welcome, comfortable and settled at our centre.
If there are difficulties with separation and settling that do not settle within a few weeks, we will work with you to develop some ideas on how best to approach the issues.  If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to speak with us.


Immunisation, Health & Sickness
Please ensure that your child’s immunisations are kept up to date.  Children with infectious illnesses or children not well enough to undertake normal routine will not be permitted to attend the centre.  Parents will be notified if their child becomes sick and may be asked to come and collect their child.  If unable to contact persons, the emergency contact phone number will be utilised. 

Children who have not been immunised for any reason may be excluded from care during a contagious outbreak.


Sun Safety
Cambridge Road Play & Learn Centre is a SUN SMART CENTRE.

We provide a 30+ SPF sunscreen for children and staff that is applied at least 20 minutes before going outside when the UV is above 3.  As recommended, we do not use sunscreen for infants aged less than 6 months, but will ensure they remain clothed in long loose clothing and stay in shaded areas only.  If your child has allergies and/or sensitive skin, please discuss this with your child’s caregivers on enrolment.

ALL children and staff must wear an approved wide brimmed sun hat at all times whilst outdoors in warmer months or they will be provided with play experiences in the shaded areas only